26 September 2009

Feast on the Bridge

It's still summer here in Laroque, but back in London the predicted "barbecue summer" never really happened. By late August a definite chill was in the air and we were considering pulling a few woolies out of storage in the garage. The day before we left for this last trip, though, the organizers of the Thames Festival could rejoice that the sun had reappeared for their second annual "Feast on the Bridge." Luckily for us, the bridge chosen is our very own:

Being one of the less famous and less traveled Thames crossings, it's an ideal candidate for closure. Purveyors of all sorts of homemade treats set up stalls; sofas and straw bales are scattered around for comfortable lounging; a long table (reminiscent of Jim Denevan's Outstanding in the Field) awaits ever-changing parties of diners; kids are entertained with face painting, pumpkin carving, storytelling, wall painting, apple bobbing. It's a grand event, one of the few times—in our area at least—that Londoners share a real sense of community.

We came home with Portuguese spit-roasted pork and an amazing sweet custard in phyllo pastry from the same stall, a salad medley from West Indian Rainforest Creations (based in Spitalfields)—and a delightful sense of bonhomie.


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