08 March 2009

Michael misses his chance on eBay

Pursuing any and all links to sand, MW came across this auction item via a secular humanist website. Starting price had been $200, with free shipping from Riga, Latvia. Under "condition" the seller had put NEW.

Other than the first sentence, all bits in bold were highlighted by me so that you can get the gist quickly. The exclamation points are the seller's own, however.

I know this sounds unbelievable but what I am selling is ground Jesus the Son of God stranded on!!!!!

I can not make you believe all I know is what I saw!

This happened three days ago while I was visiting my grandmother!

I was in the room looking trough the window when suddenly I noticed someone standing in the garden near the tree! At first I thought it was my father but then I realized all of my family was inside the room! And the dog did not make a sound! It did not bark! It was lying on the ground as if showing his servility to someone so powerful and mighty! I knew there was someone out there but then I realized what I was looking at!!! It was a vision of Jesus Christ. The one and only Son of God!!! That feeling was something I can not explain! I could not move! My body was frozen! Then the silhouette looked at me and started to rise it’s hand. But I couldn’t look no further because of that feeling inside of me growing so strong! Feeling I can not describe! I had not felt anything like this before!!!! I started to panic and turned away! (my mother said that moment I was looking as if I was going to lose consciousness) When I opened my eyes I saw Jesus was there no more! For a moment I thought I was going mad but when I ran in to the garden (I took some pictures later) I saw a spot on the ground where snow melted!!! That was the exact same place Jesus was standing!!!! This is true! This is what I saw! I still can not believe this is happening!

I touched the ground and then miracle happened!!!!! (Praise the Lord!!!) Few days ago I hurt my hand at work. I had sharp pain in my wrist since then! But while I was holding my hand on the ground the pain was gone!!!!! It is a true miracle of God! My hand is ok now! Another miracle of God happened just hours later when pain in my grandmothers back was healed. I just put that sand from the place Jesus appeared to her back!!!! After few minutes the pain was gone!!!! And I can not explain this otherwise than a miracle!

I know this is a gift from Jesus Christ! A true story! This is the truth God showed me!

I took that sand from place Jesus was standing and I will share this gift of God with You! This is a gift I have to share. That is what God wants me to do! But it is also a great responsibility to give something like that away to someone! Only one with true heart and pure mind should have this proof of Gods mightiness! The price I ask you to pay is a proof you really need this gift! A proof your heart is pure! And I intend to donate money from this to people really needing help! That is the plan of God! And trough me he is asking for your support! He is speaking to you right now! And I believe in Him!

That night I understood what I had to do with this gift of God!

I have to put the holy sand in to several sacks each containing 200.grams (7.00 ounces) of sand. And share this gift with people across the world! And I believe trough Gods help and guidance we can change this world! This is a true story. This is a gift from God he wants You to have!

I will be happy to answer all your questions. Send more info or photos of the place miracle happened!

God bless you!

P.S I will send you the sand in a sealed plastic bag or any other way you prefer! Contact me for any support!


  1. With all those exclamation marks put into the bargain, 200 dollars for 200 grams seems reasonable... Also, consider that whereas holy relicts tend, by their very nature, to be old, this is NEW, unused sand...
    Thank you for this very amusing find!
    Ciao, Paola

  2. Thanks owed to Michael. Bits that are too frivolous for throughthesandglass end up on magpiesalmagundi.