05 May 2012

Paper art

Great exhibition at Dia.lo.gue in Kemang. Brett, Michael, and I dropped in after our obigatory visit to a duty free shop to see the paper creations of doctor-turned-artist Jazz Pasay in the gallery space. MW took the photos.

First, in number one place, fabulous ondel-ondel (giant puppet) figures.

More figures.
Witty pieces "for the home."

Paper "paintings." Jazz (named by his father, a jazz musician) is an enthusiastic follower of fashion, hence details like zippers and buttons, spools of thread and bobbins.

 And a few glimpses of the shop/cafĂ©/gallery itself.
 Does anyone know what this covetable piece of machinery is for? I'd love to have it sitting on our patio in France. [Thanks to Michael's friend Richard Bready, formerly of Microsoft Encarta, I now know that this is a rice huller: http://sarawakianaii.blogspot.com/2010/05/pingnan-village-scenes.html]