18 May 2012

Beaches: Sunday excursion from Yogya

If you're traveling with a sand man, you have to expect that any trip will include an expedition to fill a few small plastic bags. After our stop in the batik town of Imogiri, we headed southeast to Ngobaran, Ngrenehan, and Gesing, deliberately avoiding the more popular beaches like Parangtritis.

For the geological perspective on Ngobaran, see Michael's post at http://throughthesandglass.typepad.com/through_the_sandglass/2012/04/sunday-sand-ngobaran.html. There you'll find some of the sand shown in the photographs below (mostly Michael's) as viewed through a microscope.

First, the amusing "two roads diverged" signpost we passed. Pantai means beach.
Ngobaran, my first view ever of the Indian Ocean:

Three photos I took that amazingly weren't overlit or out of focus. There were a fair number of Indonesian day-trippers picnicking here and no one was eating this bizarre fruit. I have no idea what it is. Couldn't find a match with a reverse image search via TinEye.

 The fruit that fell to the ground looked like enormous extracted teeth in candy corn colors.

  Two shots of tafoni.



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