20 May 2012

Greetings, Eleanor!

While Michael stayed home today to monitor well operations, Connie, Mark, and I headed off to the suburb of Cempakaputih for a celebration at the home of Mayang, Herman, and baby Eleanor. It was Herman's birthday as well as an opportunity for many of us to see this cherished daughter, just over three months old, for the first time.

While I'm not the photographer that Herman is, at least he gets to appear in a couple of these.
  With Herman's mother.
Close-up of Mama and Papa's t-shirt:
Eleanor with mother, maternal grandmother, aunt, and cousin.

Soon a couple of tricycles will have to be added to this collection.
The lavish spread, table after table.
Eleanor with Mark and Connie, missing their own grandchildren.
 Assorted guests. I should have pulled my camera out again when Yuli arrived, looking lovely as always, but I forgot. 

1 comment:

  1. thank you carol.... herman said that you are also a professional photographer... your picture is telling us a story... many many thanks for coming to this simple celebration of our happiness...

    with love..
    mayang, herman and baby eleanor...