15 October 2011


The effect of the strip lighting on the balcony of our apartment. Below is a more color-true picture of the Catalano-Welland reunion, taken by a waiter during our meal at Te Sate in Pacific Place on Tuesday night:

 Augustina and Giovanni at the wedding that brought them to Jakarta this week:

And here's their fabulous home in Bali that we visited last Sunday. They worked with an architect for a couple of years to make sure this villa, unlike so many in Bali, was in sympathy with local architecture and landscape.

(making use of the panorama feature on Michael's new camera; click to see scene in its full jaw-dropping perfection)

View from Augustina's ironwood yoga platform.

 The two girls who look after the house when Ine and Gio aren't there.
Michael and Made, the Catalanos' entertaining driver, whose expert driving and commentary made our Bali visit even more memorable.


A little slice of paradise, don't you think?

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