17 October 2011


Michael and I are both suckers for markets, of both the flea and farmers' variety. Our group descended on the latter when we visited Lombok and Sumbawa. I didn't come home laden with the usual overflowing bags, but the stalls were rewardingly exotic, catering to locals not tourists.

Scroll down quickly — I couldn't decide which ones to cut.

Pasar Tanjung, Lombok Utara (Day 2):







 We think we saw the aquamarine fish when snorkeling.

Pasar Bima, Sumbawa (Day 4):

 The orange glow in several of these photos is from the overhead plastic awnings.
At first glance I thought this was ginger, but it's probably turmeric.

 See the candle? This woman is sealing small plastic bags in the flame.
She looks happy, doesn't she? In this market, people actually asked us to take their pictures. All they wanted was to see the image before we walked off.



The only aggressive person we encountered.

 Michael really liked the idea of someone selling both clothing and dried fish.

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