28 April 2011

Day 2

Quite accidentally, the timing of our departure from London worked very well. By arriving in Jakarta on a Thursday evening, Michael had one day of work and was then able to make up for jet lag over the weekend.

We restricted ourselves to the apartment and the mall, except for an excursion to the excellent Seribu Rasa (1000 Flavors) restaurant with Connie and Mark on Saturday evening.

While Kem Chicks, Metro department store, and most restaurants are affordable, the majority of the stores in Pacific Place are not. I don't think I'll be frequenting Tiffany, Bulgari, Herm├Ęs, Louis Vuitton, etc. any time soon. Of course, I could decide to buy a car one idle afternoon:

There's a Lamborghini accessory shop as well, where you can apparently also order a vehicle if you're so inclined. Ignoring this temptation, we admired the view as we ascended the escalator to Metro.

Michael was looking for a batik shirt. Although those he liked at Metro were too expensive, we did buy three wisps of silk batik. The green and peach one shown in two pictures below was our extravagance, but the colours will look good in either the roof room in London or the converted garage in France.

In Batik Keris, a chain we remember well from our previous stays here, Michael found his shirt (to be worn for the first time tomorrow: Kodak moment) and we continued the batik motif in purchases of wrapping paper and wooden containers to hold kitchen utensils.

We finished up—of course—at Kem Chicks, where among bagfuls of other groceries were the mangosteens shown on the shelf in yesterday's post.
True color

Scenic arrangement

At 6:30 we met Connie and Mark in the lobby. Their driver, Purwanto, soon appeared to take us in air-conditioned comfort to Seribu Rasa. Remaining photos devoted to this memorable meal, all dishes shared.

Crab lumpia; Mark's fork

Sate (pronounced as in the variant spelling, satay)

Beef rendang

Succulent fish dish

Jumbo shrimp

Apple pancake with caramel sauce
My choice for dessert, mango and kiwi with passion fruit shaved ice

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