30 November 2009

In defense of heavy suitcases

Every time I fly back from Lansdale to London, I'm laden with a few boxes of Triscuits and many containers of Crystal Light—lemonade, pink lemonade, and citrus. No defense possible for the latter. Friends and family cringe at my addiction to a diet version of Russian tea.

A visit this past Thursday to Partridge's on the King's Road to pick up some Jiffy corn muffin mix for Thanksgiving dinner revealed that both Triscuits and Crystal Light are now readily available over here. But at a price. Luckily the muffin mix and Lipton's dried onion soup that I actually needed were a lot more reasonable.

Click to enlarge the photos below, Dad, and prepare to be amazed: Triscuits are £5.95 and Crystal Light £7.99. That's $9.85 and $13.22 at today's exchange rate. No coupons either!

Claudia—that Crystal Light you lugged over for me a couple of years ago was worth a small fortune.

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