16 July 2011

Modes of transportation

Our blacksmith crony Walter sent these photos from rural Pennsylvania the other day. This "racing mower" is ". . . for real.  It's thirty feet from entrance to shop.  Who'd a thunk it?  And next?"

Well, Walter, here's what's next. Michael lifted this photo of creative transport-cum-accommodation from the Jakarta Globe. I've just sent the same image to our London neighbor Kieron, who is himself the proud owner of a Vespa. He just doesn't think creatively enough. I'm sure Jo would be very happy in that sidecar. Click to see details.

And while I'm on means of getting from A to B, below is the cage that brings our window cleaners to the 39th floor, plus the industrious figure that appeared outside our bedroom window earlier this week. Surprise!! Luckily I was dressed — and had time to grab my camera before he disappeared.

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