27 December 2010

Backtracking through Christmas (4)

Finally, the food and drink.

On the 23rd we had our neighbors Jean and Annie over for "un petit verre," accompanied by foie gras & toasted fig bread, plus various goodies from Picard. Annie has recently lost 15 kilos, so we made sure to have some raw vegetables (and Picard's wonderful ceviche canapés, each served with its own tube of either a mango or basil infusion) to help with her régime.

That evening we drank the very good bottle of local red wine they had brought us, opened with Michael's new tire-bouchon:

The next day, Christmas Eve, Michael set out the wines to accompany our feasting over the holiday. . . .

. . . . while I got River Café's chocolate/nut/cranberry/Grand Marnier extravaganza ready to go into the oven. I promise my hands are clean. We didn't take snaps of the finished product: it's decadently rich but not particularly photogenic unless garnished, which I didn't bother with.

Chrismas Eve table

First course: pan-fried foie gras with a pear/onion/honey sauce

Main course: bouillabaisse with croutons and rouille

Christmas Eve is always home-cooked; on Xmas Day we
either go out to a restaurant or rely on traiteurs/Picard.
This year it was Picard.

Christmas Eve foie gras and Christmas Day oysters
are Michael's province. Oysters this year were grilled
in a butter/garlic/parmesan/herb/lemon sauce
c/o Emeril Lagasse

Our female duckling, stuffed with cèpes and truffles.
Served with Picard's creamed leeks
& écrasées de pommes de terre à la forestière, girolles,
asparagus, and white wine gravy.

No wonder my jeans are feeling distinctly tighter.

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