27 February 2012

When I'm Sixty-Four. . .

Good grief! Paul McCartney wrote this when he was sixteen.

Anyway, I did receive my birthday greetings and a bottle of wine on Saturday. Plus a wonderful lunch out at Ocha & Bella. Although the Japanese side of the Menteng restaurant wasn't much in evidence on the menu, chances are we would have been ordering Italian anyway.

Parked prominently to highlight Italian theme.

 The bakers.


 And the best bread we've found in Jakarta.

 Pizza in the process of being devoured at the table next to us.

My sgroppino and Michael's vodka gimlet, both with lemon sorbet.
Toasting myself.
A Japanese touch: the drink garnished with kiwi is my iced ocha (green tea).

A close-up of some of that fabulous bread being baked above. This focaccia rivals any we've had anywhere. I was able to buy some to take home, too.

For the first course we shared gnocchi with baby lobster.

Shared main course was the fish of the day, red snapper, presented al cartoccio, with clams, mushrooms, and flavorful cherry tomatoes.

A view of the sublime broth.

As we waited 22 minutes (time noted on the menu was exactly right) for our lime soufflé with mint gelato, we noticed a family one table over who took us back 34 years to a restaurant in Monterey, California, with baby Iain. Either the mother was eating or the father; the other was outside walking a less than happy toddler.

The finale:

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