14 February 2012

Dita's birthday

Luckily for me, I was free and able to accept Esti's invitation Friday morning for Dita's birthday luncheon at Din Tai Fung, an excellent Chinese restaurant in Pacific Place. The many dishes were, as always, delicious, including their signature speciality, dumplings with broth and chicken encased in eighteen layers of paper-thin skins. If the delicate skin breaks when served and the liquid leaks out, customers are guaranteed an automatic replacement.

(photo from restaurant website)

Once again, our dumplings were perfect, but the highpoint of the lunch was the surprise arrival of five friends of Dita's who had also been exchange students in the US. This wasn't, of course, a surprise for her mother, who had carefully orchestrated the entire event.

Lucky daughter, lucky mother. I look forward to meeting Dita again when as a late birthday present I treat them to a US-style meal at Hacienda, in Plaza Senayan Arcadia. Dita says she loves Mexican food.


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