06 May 2010

UK election day

We're not really this pessimistic—after all, Michael voted, as always, Lib Dem, the party of CHANGE....

However, since I read this morning that Britain's debt profile is even worse than that of Greece, these images of a John Lewis shop window on Oxford Street seemed apposite.


  1. 12.5.2010

    I've just read on the papers about the new Government and the Tory-LibDem cohalition


  2. Tories and LibDems make strange bedfellows, but we're hoping for the best. I'm a lukewarm, non-voting Labour supporter, one of the few people around who actually feel sorry for Gordon Brown. Oh well. Perhaps the pound will recover against the dollar before I transfer some money to the States later in May. The Economist backed Cameron: may its faith not be misplaced.