06 January 2010

Holiday Illumination

Thanks to the Forteys for a celebratory tradition we'll be copying in the future. Here's Julia demonstrating their lighting of Christmas cracker hats when amaretto wrappers failed to perform:

My good friend in Milano knows nothing about the flaming of amaretto wrappers; online references to Italian students and wedding ceremonies may be bogus. However, I'm still tempted to pick up one of those distinctive red-and-orange Lazzaroni amaretti tins and have a go. Even if the new paper they use doesn't work as well as the old, the cookies will go well with sorbet.

from http://www.wineoffensive.com/blog/the-gluttons-manifesto/biscotti-amaretti-fire-holiday-tradition/

Biscotti Amaretti + Fire = Holiday Tradition

biscotti amarettiEver seen the movie Big Night? You know the part when they light the little bits of paper on fire that then float up in bright green flames? Yeah, you can do that at home, too.

Start a new holiday tradition of your own with these Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno. Each pair of little dry, slightly meringue-like cookies come wrapped in a beautifully decorated tissue for you to light on fire.

Flatten the tissue and make a cylinder of it. Set it on the table and light from the top. The flame will travel down the paper, causing it to take flight when it reaches the bottom.

A perfect mini ceremony for New Year’s, I write something to forget and something to remember on the paper, then burn away all my troubles and worries. Look to your local specialty food store or Italian grocery or purchase online from Italy by Mail.

You could drink with the obligatory Amaretto di Saronno, or break out the Grand Marnier. Vin Santo, an Oloroso sherry, or Madeira would all play nice with these little bundles of joy. Don’t forget some strong black coffee.

And a couple of videos:



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