08 January 2010

A Grand Day Out

Today we're looking out at snow and anticipating more cold, windy weather if the TF2 météo forecasts are accurate. Will our new front door finally be installed tomorrow morning or not? We only ordered it from the local menuisier about eighteen months ago....

On the Sunday after Christmas, though, the weather was what all of us more used to northern climes think of as Mediterranean, so we took ourselves down to the coast at Collioure. This is usually our post-restaurant Xmas Day excursion, but having decided to cook for a change this year, we could wait for the perfect weather. Luckily for me, Sunday also happens to be Collioure's market day, so there was added incentive to hit the road.

Below, a surfeit of photos to illustrate what we can enjoy after a 20-minute drive. Remember, Dad, that you can click on any of these to enlarge the image.

More tafoni for Michael

Note the cash dispenser at the bottom of the tower

Since so many famous artists—Matisse and Derain in particular—painted here, the city fathers considerately provide frames to look at views that have been commemorated in paint

Here, for example, is a not terribly interesting view; below is how it appears when transmuted by the talent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

This time dramatic folds for MJPW

Rare holiday embellishment—we didn't even see many plastic Père Noëls climbing house walls this year

The market

The vendor who sold us Kate's lizard beanbag and Mom's frog

Buying Mom some lavender and dried rosebuds

The most adorable little girl on the promenade

Carousel in lot below carpark

Bark as an alternative to rock

On our way home: view of Mont Canigou (also visible from our patio) over fields in Sorède
Looking back at our village, Laroque, from the road up to Domaine-des-Albères

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