26 December 2009

Other People's Christmases

Inspired by some photos Myrna sent early in the holiday season, I've been scrounging snaps from friends and family to put together a Christmas album.

Myrna and Andrew (Montreal). I've now plucked some more recent photos from their Picasa web pics to add to the original two. Don't miss that spectacular buffet table: "duck mini-pitas, rack of lamb, vitello tonnato on baguette toasts, olives, roast beef with caramelized onions, salmon and lemon mayonnaise, tomato salad."

Jenny and Craig (New Forest, UK). Their spaniels are Krug and Taitti, carrying on the champagne tradition from much loved and sadly departed Bolli.

Walter (Pennsylvania), wittily ironic, as always. In his own yoda-esque words, "For the nothing it's worth, that shot was with my cell phone taken when somewhat in my cups I was."

Caroline and Mick (Gers département). Scenes from Christmas past (and a recent Spanish holiday).

Libby and Laurie (California).

Anne and Jim (Texas).

Kathy and Gary (Alaska). "A huge flock of Bohemian waxwings descended on our mountain ash tree and ate all the berries in a matter of minutes..."

Claudia and Michael (Connecticut). Michael drove from Connecticut to Dulles to pick up Dakota when it looked as if his flight home would be indefinitely delayed during last week's snow. Reminds me of the time MF rescued MW when taxis wouldn't drive from Plano to DFW airport in an icestorm.

From earlier in December
"The last apple, the first snow"

Donna and Bob (Maine). Plus some family photos from the autumn, introducing Lucas.

Sylvie and Salvador (Pyrénées Orientales). Manon and Roxanne proving once again that the boxes gifts come in are the best presents of all.

Jackie and Richard (Henley-on-Thames). I'm not sure whether Christmas Day itself was still white, but but here's Jackie's report from earlier in the week: "Our area seems to have been singled out for complete paralysis on the roads. People returning to Henley from Reading (seven or so miles away) took 10 hours to make the journey on Tuesday afternoon. Partying twenty-somethings living in the hills were being dropped a mile away from home in the early hours by taxi drivers reluctant to venture up rural lanes. We can't say it isn't Christmas-y."

Later January snow. Jackie says the creator was perhaps "Snowbanxi," though you may need to live in the UK to get the Banksy reference.

Shirley and Lawrence (Côte d'Azur). Mince pie preparation.

Marge and Frank, Colorado. They won the visit from Santa and Mrs Claus in a silent auction.

Lynne and John (Connecticut). Michael particularly likes the red-and-green Christmas Eve Bloody Mary tradition. I'm more partial to the cheese enchiladas, shortbread, and lime & cranberry galette wreath.

Marie and Tom (Virginia). Check out the amazing restaurant where this photo was taken on Christmas Eve: http://www.theinnatlittlewashington.com/

Nora and Geoff (London).

Geoff with Mischa. Inca had gone to bed.

Maria and Chuck (Missouri). Featuring Ellie.

Lori and Kam (New York). Lori is the talented distant cousin /closer friend whose arm I twisted insistently to get all these photos.

Daughter Sara made the free-form snowflakes

"...the star of our Christmas wasn't religious"
3 snaps of Lori's extravagant prime rib

Son Dan on KP duty

Sophie, crabbiest member of the family,
still not in the Christmas spirit

She sews, too: the blanket Lori made her brother

Lori's caption for this photo: "My fireplace that I love because I designed it (after a mission style) and my brother built it for very little $$."

My parents were the lucky recipients
of some of Lori & Sara's baking...

...and also of this gorgeous little sled, hand-painted:

Mom and Dad (Pennsylvania).

Lori's sled now mounted above entrance to kitchen, where Dad can gaze at it from his command center

Snow in Lansdale; Mom's electric candlelight in windows, installed by Kate


Xmas dinner with Geretha, Chris, and kids

Kate (Texas and Pennsylvania).

Sissy (foreground) and Buddy in Houston

Note that tree has no ornaments at bottom: Buddy is frisky.

Presents for Robert's family. Kate was especially proud of perfecting the circular wrap.

Lansdale presents. You can't see details like the rhinestones Kate glued on the CD package at the back. Turns out Robert bats in the same gift-giving league she does. After scoffing at her request for tools and acceding to her Phillies suggestion, he ingeniously found a Phillies hammer and level—and a 2008 World Series ball.
Besides Moroccan food, Kate's other specialty is cookies.

The spreadsheet she printed out for her marathon cookie ingredient shopping excursion.

I may someday copy Kate's spreadsheet idea, but at this stage in life I'll never copy her Christmas nail polish.


  1. This is fabulous, Carol! So many great ideas for decorations and cooking. But, where are YOUR photos?
    xx, M.

  2. I'll be posting far too much on our holiday next week: with virtually every dish recorded, Picasa is now suffering from photographic overkill.