26 January 2009

Music to his ears

My husband was delighted when Barack Obama mentioned science in his inaugural address and thrilled to come across this snippet from http://www.earthmagazine.org/earth/article/1b5-7d9-1-e

According to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, there are four words to describe the economic recovery package that Congress will consider this spring: “science, science, science and science.”
Pelosi told National Public Radio today that science has to be first and foremost in this bill: “[We need] the science, technology and engineering to build the infrastructure for the future, the science for the innovation to keep us competitive and number one in the world markets,” she said.

The article went on to discuss Nobel-prize-winning research at MIT that demonstrated the fact that technological and related innovations are the most significant determinant in economic growth.

Dawn of a new era in so many ways....

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